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Will it ever end?

I’d like to know who’s idea it was to plant so many zucchini plants! Wait, yeah, that was me. But in my defense I didn’t expect them to be so bountiful. Especially when we have struggled with a garden for years. I apparently misjudged everything!

We harvested everything in the garden right before we went on vacation. It was a big harvest. And as I looked over everything I knew when we got back home we would have plenty more. We put together goody bags for the neighbors and shipped off a lot of the veggies. I used zucchini to make some absolutely delicious zucchini bread and stored away the rest for our return.

I expected to see dozens of zucchini when we got home. When we rolled in late at night my hubby went out to do a quick once over (why he would do this in the middle of the night I’ll never know) but he came storming up to the bedroom to practically throw a zucchini at me! Okay, maybe not throw it at me but he was waving it in my direction! You see, said zucchini was HUGE! I laughed and said we would address it in the morning.

Well morning came and I discovered a surprising lack of zucchini. And I have a theory. All the zucchini gathered about and decided that only a handful would survive. So those selected few ate everything else. Positive, I only had 5 zucchini to harvest. Negative….

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