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We Have Worms!

Well there is a statement I never thought I’d be happy to say! The hubs pointed out as we built another raised bed (I know, I said we were done) that we didn’t have any worms in the dirt. The first raised bed had some because it was the old spot for our duck pen and as we cleared that out to build the bed we relocated the worms. But as we continued to build beds and bring in soil from a landscape company we didn’t have any worms to speak of. And I knew worms were beneficial (though if anybody had asked me then how or why I wouldn’t have been able to tell you) so we had to outsource the worms.

At first we purchased a small pail of worms from the local hardware store’s nursery. It was fine but it was well over priced and not that many worms in the mix. So I went on the hunt for a better option. After a bit of research I found a company that specialized in all things worms. I put in my order, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

In the meantime I did what I seem to be doing best these days, I researched. I knew from growing up that worms were helpful but now I needed to understand why. Here is some of what I learned while waiting for them to arrive. The tunnels and pathways that worms create moving about the soil allow the water and nutrients to reach the roots of the plants. Worms castings, or worm poop, is a natural fertilizer rich in nitrogen and phosphates (again, great for the plants!). This especially helps eliminate the need for added fertilizers and the potential for causing harm to the bees.

So knowing all the good they would do I waited. Well they came in last week and I couldn’t be happier! They warn in the packaging that the worms could appear dead because of the travel time and lack of moisture. They even tell you to water the worms before you place them. So with that in mind I opened the first bag and to my happy surprise they were not at all dehydrated and stagnant. I had active, wiggly and squirmy worms! I can't express enough how happy I was with the company and the worms.

If you are in the market for worms (again, never did I think I'd be saying that) then I urge you to go to

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