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Oh Honey, Honey


Can I tell you how freaking excited I am to post this?! Everything we have read and heard was that we should not expect honey to harvest for the first year. Between the girls having to just build up for the first time and us needing to prepare them for winter there just wasn’t going to be surplus honey. And then there was a glimmer of hope….somebody from our local beekeepers association said it could be possible. With us being in a subdivision there are far more flowers and plants year round than somebody who lives out in the middle of nowhere or on a farm.

As we prepared and planned we agreed that I would not be harvesting anything this year. If we did, great, but not at all expected. When we needed to add the second honey supers a couple weeks ago we started to think the girls might bless us with some liquid gold. During the last inspection it was clear that I needed to pull some frames. Sure enough, I’ve harvested my first batch of honey!!

It was a little trial and error with a lot of learning. In the end…..I bottled a total of 42 POUNDS of honey from only 14 frames, just over one super! More amazingly, it looks like I’ll be harvesting again in a month max! Now starts the next level of learning and researching. But I am oh so ready!

If you are interested in purchasing any honey please feel free to send me an email or send over a chat!

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