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New Homes for the Girls

I am pretty sure my husband is tired of painting. It feels like we’ve been painting for months and we aren’t even quite done yet. But we finally were able to secure some more equipment that the deep boxes, the boxes that are just for the girls, that we could get painted and ready to switch. Now there is nothing wrong with the white boxes. White is actually one of the most common colors for beehives. We just weren’t that happy with the boxes in general and wanted to make sure they had ample protection from the elements. Plus I got to get some colors in there!

So Saturday morning was busy moving the girls about. I was excited because unlike most inspections I was hands on with the move (which unfortunately also means no photos of the progress we were making). I was able to actually see the eggs on the frames firsthand (I’ve always missed them during inspection and found them later in photos) and was able to keep my calm even with the unfortunate sting to my thigh (see previous post “You Will Get Stung”). When all the girls were securely back in place I was super happy with how it all went. And now my colorful corner of the yard is a bit more bright.



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