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Let's Harvest!

I've been watching the garden grow and grow waiting oh so impatiently for the first harvest. The squash blossoms have made the garden pop with beautiful blooms. The tomatoes have started surfacing all over the place. And the herbs have taken over their beds. After being unsuccessful with the garden for the last few years we are definitely making up for it. Over the last week I've been able to harvest apricots, zucchini, lettuce (lots and lots of lettuce) and herbs galore.

Nothing beats fresh veggies with dinner. Over the weekend I was able to get my first harvest of zucchini on the smoker with some fresh lemon thyme and it was OH SO DELICIOUS! The apricots made delicious snacks for our lunches and I'm bummed that we are through that harvest. It's only the first year on the apricot tree though and it was flowered before the girls arrived so I'm hoping next year we see a bigger harvest.

I'll be honest, I didn't put much thought into the herb side of my garden short of what would be beneficial to the bees. Now that I have SO MUCH ready to harvest I've had to spend some quality time on the internet and in books looking for things to do with all of it. I have herbs drying, extracts brewing, and have gifted a lot! I've even started propagating the mints to either expand the garden or sell. I have learned a lot and my notebooks are filling up with ideas!!

I cannot wait for the tomatoes to be ripe. I check those babies twice a day hoping to see a color change. Now when that starts to happen I might have a small situation on my hands. See, I planted 17....actually we just added more so make that 21, plants in the garden. Did I mention that I'm the only one in my house who eats tomatoes?! But I'm ready, you'll just have to wait and see what I have planned there!

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