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Is this a daycare?!

That's what my yard is starting to look like but I'm not arguing.

In order to help protect the hives from the weather and sun we decided to add some new paint to the boxes. The initial boxes we bought were already painted white but it was becoming apparent that we would need another level of protection with some cracks occurring in the sides. Add to that we recently picked up some used equipment in hopes of expanding the hives and we had no choice. The used stuff was all painted but after some pressure washing and cleaning I wanted to make sure it all had a fresh coat of paint.

This is there the fun comes in. Did you know that the big box hardware stores have "oops" paint?! I had no idea this existed and once hubs introduced me to it I was hooked! What is oops paint you ask? It's the paint that people have mixed that change their mind or it doesn't come out as planned. The cans then get discounted and I win! The first couple paints we bought I paid full price for. I picked the colors and the paint and away we went. Since then I've only bought the oops paint and paid a fraction of the price! It really helps when I'm trying to keep a tight handle on the expenses as I get established. If you have a small paint project and are flexible with your color choices I highly recommend checking to see if your store has it!

Back to the painting.... I've rotated through the colors and am slowly getting everything painted. At first I wasn't super excited on the colors but the more I look at them and add to the mix the more I love it. With our hives so close together the colors will also help the girls see the patterns and know which hive they belong in. I also have stencils to play with to help with that. I'm about 3/4 of the way through the boxes and can't wait to see the final results.

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