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Inspection Day

I love, love, love inspection days! There is something overly terrifying and exciting about getting that look into the inner workings of the hive. All my adult life I've been allergic to bees. It made this whole venture a little ridiculous when I think about it. But I've been careful...ish, calm....ish, and so far minus a sting to the head (before I was being careful) I've come away unharmed. Can't say the same about my hubby but as long as it's him and not me :)

Inspections are done for multiple reasons: check to see if the queen is present, brood production, overall hive healthy, need for expansion, etc. This inspection was an overall checkin to see how they were doing after adding their second box a couple weeks ago. We were able to find two of the three queens this go around. I'm a little bummed I don't have pics to show you guys of the first (Hive 3) but apparently the new GoPro and I don't get along. I was able to get a couple of Hive 2 at least. Unfortunately we couldn't find the queen in Hive 1. A little disappointed we didn't find her but luckily I found very new eggs and larvae so I know she was toting around a least a day or so ago.

I am amazed at the difference between our very first inspection to now. We are officially one month in to the adventure and I can't wait to see where this goes!

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