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Growing Up

Things have been a whirlwind since my last post. With the addition of Hive 4, a booming garden and then a small vacation I appeared to have lost track of time and my computer. But we are back on schedule and finding a rhythm that works!

This weekend marked two weeks since we had been able to do a full inspection on Hives 2 and 3. When we had come home from vacation last week we did a quick look in on Hives 1 and 4 but only enough to make sure they weren’t busting at the seams. Plus with Hive 4 being so new we have to keep a little closer eye on them. All was well and we were able to find both queens so we tucked them back in quickly and let them be.

(Hive 4’s Queen)

So this weekend we busted in to Hive 2 and 3 to see how they were doing. Hive 3, which has been our slower hive, was not very friendly. My poor phone case received multiple stingers and they made sure to let us know they didn’t really want us there. We didn’t have any stings ourselves and overall the girls are doing beautifully. We had added their first honey super a couple weeks ago and they were up starting in it but not too much to note yet.

Inspection didn’t last as long as I’d have liked (we still had a few frames to go) but the girls had had enough and we tucked them back in to settle down. They didn’t settle down, they chased me from the yard every time I went back there but they were alive and happy.

Sunday we dove in to Hive 2. From the moment we pulled the lid we were just amazed. They have FILLED their honey super! Now I was told my chances of getting honey the first year would be slim to none. But let me tell you, momma is getting honey this year! All 10 of the frames were packed to the brim! So I pulled another super and set it up ready to go on after the inspections were done.

These girls were much calmer. They made sure I knew they were there and buzzed my head consistently but nobody was pushy or angry. We slowly made our way through both of the deep boxes but our queen evaded us. And by the time we were to the last few frames the girls were tired of our presence and started to get a little insistent we leave. So even though we didn’t find her I found plenty of evidence she was there, and recently, and decided to just button her back up. But we couldn’t be happier with what we saw.

And since 2 was doing so well we decided to just “pop the top” on 1 and see if they were ready for more honey room and sure enough they were! they were built out about 80% on their super and with a lot of babies coming soon we knew they could take the space.

So all in all, all 4 hives are doing beautifully. I am beyond thrilled with their progress and can’t wait to have 3 and 4 move up another box soon!!

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