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Fun Fact Friday - Pollinator Friendly Gardens

Even before we decided to get the bees we had always looked for plants with the tags "Pollinator Friendly". We had always looked primarily for butterfly and hummingbird friendly and would never veer away from something for the bees. When we decided to bring the bees into the mix we started looking even more closely. Thankfully most garden centers, especially nurseries, have a "Pollinator Friendly" section. At least they have plants tagged accordingly. The key to planting for the bees was finding plants that flower throughout the year so that bees have sources of pollen and nectar for more than just spring. This allows the honey to keep flowing and bees stay fed!

Here are some ideas for flowers to get you from spring to fall. These work for you bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Butterfly Bush

Pincushions (Spring-Fall)

Lavender (Spring-Fall)

Salvia (Spring-Fall)

Zinnia (Spring-Fall)

Mint (Summer)

Marigolds (Spring-Fall)

Sunflowers (Summer-Fall)

Coneflower (Summer-Fall)

Lemon Balm (Fall)

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