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Fun Fact Friday - Making Honey

There is no denying that honey is delicious! It's also found in abundance almost anywhere you turn. I never paid any never mind to how the bees made it or how we harvested it. None of that mattered to me as I popped open a jar of honey to drizzle on a warm biscuit. Now that I'm a bonafide #backyardbeekeper I had to consider it. And boy was I surprised to learn what it takes those little bees to make that liquid gold. Here's a few fun facts I've learned so far:

  • The average worker bee only makes 1/12 tsp of honey in her entire life

  • A bee will travel up to 5 miles in one tripto collect pollen/nectar

  • It takes a visit to about 2 MILLION flowers to produce one pound of honey

  • The colony will travel around 55,000 miles to visit that many flowers

  • For a bee to fly around the work she would consume about 2 tablespoons of honey

I'll definitely appreciate honey a little bit more!

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