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Building the Patch from Scratch

I've always loved gardens. I have fond memories of spending time with my grandparents in their garden. Enjoying not only the time together but the delicious treats they would let me pick. Nothing beats fresh fruits, veggies, herbs and fresh cut flowers!

Before I moved in with my hubs I lived in an apartment so I didn't have the ability to have a garden. So as soon as I moved in and he had the beginnings of a raised garden I got excited. We worked to get the bed ready to plant and when Spring came we planted the garden. And then nothing. None of the plants wanted to thrive. I harvested maybe two tomatoes all season. And that was it. I was beyond frustrated but I also knew that the lack of sun my garden was getting was probably to blame.

The next Spring came around and we decided to try again. And as much as I fought for it I got about the same response. I came to the conclusion that I would never be able to have my garden as long as we lived here and I had to accept it.

This last summer we had some trees that had to be taken out to protect the house and our shed. As much as I hated to lose the trees and the wonderful shade and barrier they gave us I realized something very quickly. My yard now had sun!

So we started planning. Since we had taken out the raised bed we initially used we had to start from scratch. We started with one section of the yard, built some raised beds, planted the garden and crossed our fingers. As we watched the first part of the garden start to grow hubs made my day and extended my garden a bit further. And once the bees came and we saw them flocking to the plants we decided to expand again.

Here is some of our veggies and herb garden....

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