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A Day in the Kitchen

All those vegetables aren’t necessarily negative, I know. But how many different things can you really do with zucchini. I’m constantly on the internet looking for new things to try. This week I went with some more bread. That’s always an easy option. I even did one batch substituting honey for the sugar. I’ll be honest, wasn’t that impressed with that one but I’ll keep trying and tweaking there. But the smoker worked her magic for me and I got through three batches of bread.

Then I had to try something new. Zucchini relish! I personally love relish, sweet and dill. I don’t think I have ever tried zucchini relish though. Hoping to utilize TONS of zucchini I am trying something new. It’ll be a few weeks before I can try it but I have hope!

And lastly after some failed initial attempts I resulted to canning my tomatoes. Next weekend I am playing with some relish recipes and hopefully will have success there!

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